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We always find the most comprehensive, accurate, timely, easily accessible, commercial, industrial, municipal and residential construction projects have delivered stability.
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Logistic services

Air freight (door to door service)
Our employ experienced professionals, the best resources and the latest technologies to transport your shipment across the globe efficiently.
We able to move your shipment from source to the customer directly


Ocean freight ( door to door service )
We Supply Chain Solutions offer ocean freight forwarding and global transportation services from any origin, destination, or carrier, we can provide a single, streamlined source to get your cargo, arrange for collection


Road freight (door to door services)
Global network providing a rich array of general and specialist road logistics services from project cargo to international transportation and domestic retail distribution and delivery


Sources & Agents

  • Pipe Prestige Company (PIPE Ltd are one of the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist pipe work fabrication tools and handling equipment for workshop or on-site environments).
  • Hi- force (leading manufacturer of high pressure hydraulic tools recently undertook its largest lift project to date as part of a supply contract to the State Oil Companies.
  • 2M MAKİNA (Safety equipments, steel rig wires and lifting machines )
  • OMCN (Workshop - Car-body shop, garage equipments Auto-lifts,benders and hydraulic presses )
  • Airetools (Tube Cleaners and Tube Expanders are used to fabricate and maintain boilers, heat exchangers, condensers and other tubular type equipment. Job proven in a variety of industries, Airetool products serve such facilities as petro chemical plants, oil refineries, nuclear and non-nuclear power plants, paper, sugar and metal mills)
  • NOV (National Oilwell Varco designs, manufactures and sells the major mechanical components for both land and offshore drilling rigs as well as complete land drilling and well servicing rigs. The major mechanical components include drawworks, mud pumps, power swivels, SCR systems, traveling equipment and rotary tables)
  • OMRON (Control systems and equipment for factory automation and production machinery, including sensors, switches, relays, machine safeguarding equipment for all oil field sector)
  • MCM Centrifugal pump ( pump production high capability and good quality ,manufactured and marketed gate and relief valves for oil drilling and exploration companies. In the process of expansion the company acquired) 
  • NATIONAL AIR(National has provided quality, efficient freight forwarding services for our customers logistics and transportation )

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Bareeq International contact address


Iraq Address::

 Awkif  St. ,Akhlas Building#3 office#5                   

  Phone : 00964 ( 0 ) 770  662 6867

  FAX:       0090 (212) 530 27 81                                      

   Iraq, Kirkuk 

Rasafa div. Zaiferanyia street

Phone: 00964 ( 0 ) 770 757 0242

FAX:    0090 (212) 530 27 81                                      

P.O 29003      

Iraq, Baghdad


El- Aisher ,Al-Azizeya St. Elmusafer Building

2 floor, Office# 32

Phone: 00964 (0) 7703145111

FAX:    0090 (212) 530 27 81

Iraq, Basra

Turkey Address:


INAN IŞ MERKEZI NO.11 Floor.2  Office#206

TEL: 009 0212 530 27 83

FAX: 009 0212 530 27 81

Turkey, Istanbul

Contact list:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  1. Especial electrical fuse – Buss man 3KVA. Northern Oil Company.
  2. Nov spare parts for Kirkuk Drill rig# 206. Iraqi Drill Company
  3. Newmans Gate valve. North Gas Company
  4. Omron Automation control center spareIraqi Drill Company
  5. Pipe Beveling machine size 72” . Northern Oil Company
  6. Stewart & Stevenson spare parts for Kirkuk Drill rig# 206. Iraqi Drill Company
  7. B.I Communications Fault cable locator. Baiji Refinery & Northern Oil
  8. PressureKirkuk engineering college
  9. A.C.D.I VOCA origination projects
  10. Hay Elbeith Road paving –Municipality
  11. Purchasing all needful to Focusing on main supplier as NOV, MCM pumping, Omron automations, Hi-Force hydraulic tools, Stewart & Stevenson……..ETC.
  12. Presently we working closing with petroleum companies in Iraq under Iraqi laws.

About Us

We areSpecializes in the global procurement, supply of equipment to diverse industrial marketing. Long-standing relationships with manufacturers, in many cases spanning decades, enable competitive, accurate and timely sourcing and fulfillment of orders in accordance with all relevant supply-chain management considerations. We provide spare parts to Drilling contractors and Iraqi government companies from main oil field manufacturer supplier to the customer.

   Our company is Trade and supplying service with Ex-proof materials. Whether a project is designed based upon international standards, we have many years of history in serving client demand for their project requirements in diverse locations throughout the world.

Bareeq International serves the material, apparatus, procurement and supply requirements of the Oil and Gas Industry. From exploration activities to completion, we supply many of the products required for continuous operation on site.

 Bareeq International Construction operates as private construction business for Kirkuk Municipality. Our company had contracts done for Kirkuk city (road projects, water sewerage and building renovation for none government organization.

We had established our office in Turkey as well in the middle of 2010 to extend our business with the world. 

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