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bareeq International

Bareeq Al’alamy General Trading and Contracting Company Ltd. has a strong business presence in the Iraqi market. Creating high added-value, the company divisions are committed to serving the interests of both international business partners and customers by offering reasonable prices, diversified products, and high-quality services.

Your Solution Partner

Bareeq International Construction operates as private construction business for Kirkuk Municipality. Our company had contracts done for Kirkuk city (road projects, water sewerage and building renovation for none government organization.

We had established our office in Turkey as well in the middle of 2010 to extend our business with the world. 

Our Visions

Promoting and marketing quality goods, by dealing with international and well-reputed companies.

Maintaining reasonable and fixed prices.

Implementing the “Added Value” policy by performing after-sales service to our customers.

Our Missions

Bareeq International serves the material, apparatus, procurement and supply requirements of the Oil and Gas Industry. From exploration activities to completion, we supply many of the products required for continuous operation on site.

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